Does Anyone Ever Do this?

I never plan to watch 10 straight hours of Netflix its always an accident. I always sit down thinking, you know what I’ll just watch 1 episode of (insert show title here) and then I’ll go start my homework or clean or whatever it is I need to do. So I sit down and I press play…..then next thing I know it’s be 10 hours and I have watched an entire season of a show. I just don’t understand how 1 episode turns into 15.

The worst part is I almost never watch movies on Netflix because I never have enough time. I always say to myself I don’t have 2 full hours to waste, I have shit to do. I convince myself that a show is only 40min and as soon as that one episode is over I will be productive, but as we all know it’s never really just one episode. Then by the time I get to my 5th episode of the day I am just sitting there swearing at myself about how much time I have wasted.

This is my eternal struggle and I was just wondering….does this happen to anyone else?

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