A Letter To The Friends I’ve Lost

love letters

I wish things didn’t have to change, but they always do it’s apart of life. You change your hair, your clothes, you move, you get older and your priorities change.  It’s no ones fault it happens, and with all these changes comes a change in your friend group. Its crazy how one day someone can be your best friend and then one year later your looking back trying to figure out exactly when it all fell apart. So this is a letter to all the friends I’ve lost, whether we grew apart or had a falling out, this letter is for you.

Hi there old friend,

How have you been? I hope your well. I know this letter may seem a little out of the blue, but to me it just felt like something I had to do.

I was thinking about you the other day. I was thinking about the good old days and the fun times we shared. Staying up all night sharing secrets. Stuffing our faces with pizza, popcorn and candy and watching movies. Dancing around your bedroom with the music blasting, and then when we were old enough, driving around in the car with the music blasting. Back then I swear I thought we would be friends forever. It seems like we used to spend everyday together, and now I can’t even remember the last time I saw you. So I just wanted to say I’m sorry, I’m sorry that the only way we keep in contact is by reading each other social media pages. I’m sorry that we had to go our separate ways and I honestly wish things could be different.

There are so many reasons why a friendship can end it can slowly wither and die like a flower, or it can explode like oatmeal in the microwave. So if we grew apart, it’s sad but that’s a part of growing up right? And if we had a falling out, know that I am sorry. I’m sorry for what I might have said or did. You should know that is not how I wanted things to go, nor how I wanted our friendship to end. And no matter what happened between us know that I forgive you. 

You should know that I am glad we were friends. You helped me grow and change. You saved me from some fashion mishaps and from some other embarrassments. You helped me cyber stalk my crush(es), and helped me get ready for every party, date, and dance. You stood by my side and helped me become who I am , and you will forever be apart of me.

Don’t feel as if you have to respond to this letter, if you do that’s ok, if you don’t that’s ok too. I am not looking for anything, I swear I want nothing from you. I just wanted you to know how important you were to me, and to say thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Your Old Friend  XOXO


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