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I don’t know If I am normally going to do this but today I am, today I read both If I Stay and the sequel Where She Went  by Gayle Forman. That’s right I read both these books in one sitting, needless to say when I finally turned the final page I was exhausted and STARVING, and sad. Not sad because of the books ending, I loved the ending, but I’m just sad that it’s over that I wouldn’t get to spend anymore time with Adam and Mia and the rest of characters in this series. You know that depression you get when you finish a really good book/book series? That’s what i feel right now I call it Post Book Depression. That’s what I’m feeling right now bottom line is these books are amazing and you need to read. So without further ado here is my review on If I Stay and the sequel Where She Went.

If I stay is absolutely heart-wrenching yet incredibly heart warming. I figured this book would be  emotional because of the accident and the loss and the choice she has to make, but what was unexpected was how heart warming it was. She flashes back and forth between the time after the accident and her life before, and you just know this girl was SO loved, you can feel that love pouring through the pages. The love of her parents and the rest of her family, the love of her friends, and the love between her and Adam (I mean let’s face facts there is nothing like a first love.) As sad as this story is it still warmed my heart because Mia felt more love in 17 years than others feel in a lifetime. Grab some tissues cause this book will make you cry for a million different reasons and not all of them are sad.

Where She Went I didn’t know I wanted a sequel until I started reading this book. This book takes place 3 years after the accident and is told from Adams point of view. In this book you get to see more of Mia and Adams relationship as well as how close Adam actually was to the entire Hall family. Throughout the story he also fills in the blanks of what happened over these past 3 years, and how him and Mia got where they are. You see how the grief affected them, and their relationship. When you read this book grab a box of tissues and clear your schedule because you are going to read it in one sitting and it will definitely make you cry.

Have you read these books? Have you seen the movie? Leave your thoughts on it in the comments below.


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