Post Book Depression


You know that feeling you get when you finish a really good book/book series. And I’m not just talking a pretty good book I’m talking a REALLY GOOD book. The kind of  books that you read all in one sitting because you can’t get enough. The books that your so engrossed in that you forget to eat food or drink water. The books that make you scream, cry, or laugh out loud because that’s how deeply you feel them. Well after you finish those types of books there’s this feeling you get, your happy because the book was as satisfying as you hoped it would be, but there’s also this depression because it’s over. I like to call this Post Book Depression or PBD.

PBD is slowly closing the book and sighing as you slowly enter back into the real world. PBD is just going through the motions and not even really paying attention because you’re too busy thinking about the book you just finished. PBD is that feeling like you will never find another book as good as the one you just finished (Of course you do and then it starts all over again). PBD is a serious illness suffered by bookworms everywhere.

For those of you currently suffering from PBD know that I have been there and I am here for you.

3 thoughts on “Post Book Depression

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