It’s Ok To Be Sad Sometimes


There’s this idea that you shouldn’t be sad about certain things because other people have it worse. We have all heard “well remember some people are starving”, “at least you still have your health”, phrases like these are said to force us to “put our problems into perspective”. But here’s the thing, telling someone they shouldn’t be sad because other people have it worse, is like telling someone they shouldn’t be happy because others have it better. Could you imagine if we did that?

You: ohh I’m so excited I got A’s in all my classes this semester!

Your friend: Yeah…but Meryl  Streep won another Oscar….so she’s way better off than you.


Friend: Yeah…so next maybe next time your happy you should stop and think about other people who have it better than you.

See, it seems ridiculous right? You would never convince someone their joy is insignificant so why do we constantly tell people their pain is?

I am here today to tell you it’s ok to be sad, even over some of the little “insignificant” things. Let yourself feel the pain, let yourself wallow. It’s ok to cry over the death of a fictional character. It’s ok to be upset when you get a B+ instead of an A. It’s ok to be sad that you didn’t win Prom Queen, or student body president. Sure it’s an honor just to be nominated, and a B is good too, and other people DO have it worse, but all these things won’t make it hurt any less. So let it hurt, feel the pain, cry, scream, eat a pint of ice cream or an extra large pizza, just do whatever it is you need to do. It’s ok to be sad, even if it’s only for a little while.

So promise me you won’t try to hide your emotions, its not healthy (and it causes wrinkles) and don’t ever feel guilty for feeling a certain way whether that’s sad, happy or in love. And don’t EVER apologize for your feelings because they are nothing to be ashamed of.


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