A Few Things Every Royal Should Have


Life in the 21st century is absolutely great. We have central heating to help us survive this brutal winter were having. Cars that run on electricity and phones that can do a lot more than just make calls. So here are some things that you could only find in the 21st century, and that I can absolutely not imagine living without. And I’m not talking basics, like cell phones and YouTube. I mean some apps and websites that I use on a daily basis and that help make my crazy life a little easier, and I’m giving you a list so that they can make your life easier.

1.The Skimm and a cup of coffee, that is how everyone should start their day. You know how there are always like a million news headlines and you can’t possibly read them all? Well basically the staff over at The Skimm read all of those news stories for you, then every morning they send you an email with the highlights/summaries of all the biggest stories. And they even make guides to help explain confusing things like Immigration, and Net Neutrality. Not to mention they have TONS of free giveaways, like vacations to wine country and Barbados, and all this is delivered to your inbox every morning for absolutely FREE so what are you waiting for? go sign up!

2. Shopkick. Ok I only started using this one a few weeks ago, but I’m already loving it. Shopkick is an app (available on iphone and Androids) and you get points for notshopping. Seriously you just get points for walking into stores, and then of you want more points you can scan some items. Then later you can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite stores. I want to make something clear, you don’t have to buy ANYTHING! The app is free and you just have to scan the items using your phone you don’t have to actually buy anything. Yeah so it’s basically free money as it involves very little work on your part. You also get points whenever someone you know joins. Now don’t get me wrong I want the points, but this app is also awesome and I would recommend it to you guys either way, so go ahead get started.

3. Pocket. So you know how sometimes you see an article or something but you can’t read it right then and there, well with pocket you can save them and read them later. There’s an app, and a tool to download onto your web browser. So no matter where you are or what device you’re on you can save links all in 1 place. So if you’re like me and your always finding articles to read, but never seem to have the time, pocket is for you.

4. Coach Me . Coach me formally known as lift, is probably one the most important apps I use. This apps is to help you stay on track and help you develop good habits. Basically you pick which good habits you want to have and how many times a week you want to do it. Then everyday you go on and check which things you’ve done and it keeps track. This app is also free and available in the app store and the Google play store

5. My Fitness Pal. Trying to lose weight? Trying to watch what you eat? Then this is the app for you. You enter in your height, weight, and your goal, and it sets up guidelines that will help you achieve that goal. Everyday you log on and track what you ate and how much you exercised. And if you have a fitness tracker like fitbit or jawbone, you can sync your device to your account to. Ohh and did I mention it’s free too?

6. Amazon Student. Ok so this one is my personal favorite, I honestly don’t know how I lived my life before I had Amazon student. So have you heard of amazon prime? No? well ok, amazon prime members pay a yearly fee and in return they get tons of benefits like, 2 day free shipping, unlimited streaming of Prime movies and TV shows, unlimited access to millions of free songs with prime music, plus tons of extra coupons and deals. So what is Amazon Student? It’s amazon prime but for half the price. Prime members pay $100 a year, amazon student members pay $50. And yes I know what your thinking, $50 dollars is kind of a lot but trust me it’s totally worth it, and if you don’t believe me try it yourself, there’s a 6 month free trial.

There you go my lovely Royals, these are just a few things to help make your life a little easier. I officially give all 6 of these my stamp of approval. Try them out and let me know what you think in the comments below. Also comment and let me know what apps/websites you think I should try.

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