A Guide To Falling In Love With Your Messy Life

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15100089025_f1a5fa10f9_o  “Where in the heck is the cap to this thing?!”

These were the words I cried out to the desolate gas station parking lot, as I stood in a suit and heels, holding a massive jug of windshield wiper fluid with snow piling on top of my head. I had just run out of wiper fluid during a snow storm on my way home from work, and managed to grandma-crawl my Mazda to a gas station off the highway. I ran in, looking crazed, with make-up smeared all over my face from my hysterical state of attempting to drive by sticking my head out the window to see. My hands had gone numb and there were a few incidents where the wiper-fluid jug and I nearly wiped out on the blacktop. I then realized I left the jug’s lid inside of the hood, and proceeded to get grease all…

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The Thing I Hate Most About College


There are so many things I love about college, the freedom, making my own schedule, longer breaks. There are also some things I hate about college, the price, the stress, the price. But the thing I hate most? Not knowing my grades until the semester is already over. I mean I don’t even get to know I’m not doing well until it’s too late.

Your friends and family ask you how your doing in school when your home and the honest answer is that you have no idea. Of course you tell them this and they look at you like your crazy. But here’s what they don’t get, a lot of Professors just never hand your assignments back. And even if they do what makes you think I can sit down and calculate exactly what my grade is? Just for the record, I can’t, there is a reason I am a PR major, besides it’s not like I know their grading policy.

And here’s the reason this bothers me so much, I was spoiled in high school. At my high school students and parents had access to the teachers online grade book. So for 4 whole years I had complete access to my grades 24/7, I knew exactly how I was doing in each of my classes. Now it’s like a 4 month long guessing game. I can’t even enjoy the beginning of break because I am too busy holding my breath waiting for my grades to come in.

Now it’s midterms and I’m stressing out because I have no idea if I’m doing well. Soon I’ll be home for spring break worrying whether or not I passed all of my exams, even though my professors will probably never hand them back to me. So I guess I’ll just be holding my breath till May.

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Quote Of The Week

I have been really good lately about cutting certain people out of my life. I don’t mean just anyone I mean very specific people. Those people who only take but never give. Those who are only friends with you when it’s convenient for them. Those who expect you to be at their beck and call, who treat you more as an assistant or a lap dog than a loved one. Those who bring nothing but negativity. I don’t need those people in my life and neither do you. You should only keep people in your life who make you better and who make you happy. So If they don’t bring out the best in you, if they don’t bring you joy, you don’t need them. Go ahead and get rid of those people, kick them to the curb, and find someone more deserving of your love to take their place. Find someone who would cross an ocean for you just like you would for them.

Quote Of The Week

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! You know it’s sad I didn’t even know there was a international women’s day until I checked out my Google doodle at around midnight last night. I think this holiday definitely needs some more recognition, but then again we women in general need a lot more recognition don’t you think?

Anyway I chose this quote for today before I even knew about the holiday, it’s incredibly serendipitous as it fits perfectly with the holiday. I originally choose this quote because I’ve been talking with a lot of people about the new Cinderella movie, which I am dying to see. I just think it’s really interesting that everyone always assumes Cinderella was looking for a prince to rescue her, but maybe she wasn’t. Maybe she was just looking to have some fun and she just happened to find a prince. I guess it’s just a reminder that not every woman is desperately searching for a man, plenty of us ladies are just fine on our own thank you very much.

So all you ladies make sure to go out and enjoy your day. And gentlemen why don’t you try treating at least one of the ladies in your life today, after all this is her day.

My Faith Has Been Restored

So you remember how I was going through a bit of a rough patch? Well I decided to reread one of my favorite books Perks Of Being a Wallflower. And Let me tell you it absolutely did the trick. Faith restored! Normally I don’t cry as hard a books the second time I read them, but let me tell you I cried just as hard, maybe even harder then I did the first time I read it.

If you haven’t read Perks Of Being a Wallflower yet, go read it now. I’m not going to tell you the what it’s about I’m not going to tell you the characters or where it’s set. This is one of those books that you need to go into it knowing absolutely nothing about it. You need to come at this book completely unaware about what’s about to happen. Just trust me ok? If you read this book knowing nothing about it it will make the experience so much better for you.

So go ahead and read it and then let me know what you think. And if you’ve already read it let me know what you though of it. And Also Let me know what your reading right now.
Alright I hope to hear from you soon my lovely Royals! 🙂