The Thing I Hate Most About College


There are so many things I love about college, the freedom, making my own schedule, longer breaks. There are also some things I hate about college, the price, the stress, the price. But the thing I hate most? Not knowing my grades until the semester is already over. I mean I don’t even get to know I’m not doing well until it’s too late.

Your friends and family ask you how your doing in school when your home and the honest answer is that you have no idea. Of course you tell them this and they look at you like your crazy. But here’s what they don’t get, a lot of Professors just never hand your assignments back. And even if they do what makes you think I can sit down and calculate exactly what my grade is? Just for the record, I can’t, there is a reason I am a PR major, besides it’s not like I know their grading policy.

And here’s the reason this bothers me so much, I was spoiled in high school. At my high school students and parents had access to the teachers online grade book. So for 4 whole years I had complete access to my grades 24/7, I knew exactly how I was doing in each of my classes. Now it’s like a 4 month long guessing game. I can’t even enjoy the beginning of break because I am too busy holding my breath waiting for my grades to come in.

Now it’s midterms and I’m stressing out because I have no idea if I’m doing well. Soon I’ll be home for spring break worrying whether or not I passed all of my exams, even though my professors will probably never hand them back to me. So I guess I’ll just be holding my breath till May.

photo courtesy of flickr


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