Quote of the Week

Change can be scary, but sometimes it’s necessary. IF you are unhappy wherever you are it may be time for a change. If you wake up every morning dreading going into work, maybe it’s time to find a new job. If you feel like you need a change of scenery, then maybe it’s time to move. You are not stuck and don’t let anyone convince you that you are. You have the power, you have the will, so make the change. A little change can do you some real good. You are not a tree, so if you want, just pick up and move.


A Few Things Every Royal Should Know


Life is all about figuring out how to rule your own kingdom. So my lovely Royals I thought I would share some tips to help you on your journey. Some of these things I was taught, others I had to learn on my own. But now I am choosing to share all my knowledge with you. So here are some things every Royal should know,

  • Never grocery shop on an empty stomach
  • Always hang dry your jeans
  • Always check the tags on your new clothes to see how they should be washed.
  • Make sure you have at least 1 close friend that is always brutally honest.
  • In the winter make sure you stock up on chapstick, lotion and moisturizer. You don’t want your skin to get too dry.
  • Always remember that your doctor works for you. So if you don’t think they’re not doing a good job then fire them and get a new one.
  • That being said never lie to your doctor, they can’t help you if they don’t know what’s going.
  • Learn to take constructive criticism.
  • Learn the difference between people who are giving constructive criticism and people who are just plain old assholes.
  • Never let anyone be an asshole to you.
  • Never apologize for being who you are.
  • Don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while. You deserve it!
  • Keep a separate email that you use only for junk mail. Use it for your social media accounts, and stores that send too many emails.
  • Don’t let your emails pile up. Once your inbox gets to 100 go through it because if it gets any higher you won’t want to.
  • Try not to have too many email accounts. Trust me it gets out of control.
  • There is no such thing as bad music. If you like it then it’s good music.
  • There are however bad movies and bad books, and people reserve the right to mock you for liking them.