I Miss Going To Blockbuster

I miss piling up in the car with my siblings. I miss arguing in the car about which movie we should get until my mom announces we can each pick one. I miss walking through the doors and thinking there has to be a million movies in here. I miss running my finger down the row as I browsed the titles trying to decide what movie to pick. I miss stopping to pick up the pizza on the way home. I miss gathering around as a family and fighting over which movie to watch first. I miss watching my dad going to put in the VHS. I miss the excitement when you got a movie that you could keep for a week as apposed to just 3 days.

But now there no aisle to browse. There’s no endless rows of movies just waiting to be watched. There’s no getting up to put in the VHS or the DVD. There’s no return date. Now we have a million movies at our fingertips. Which is really nice but, sometimes I still miss going to Blockbuster.

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