A Few Things I Learned This Past Holiday Weekend


I spent this 4th of July weekend down the Cape* with some friends and family. It was a really great trip, and although it was only a couple days I still manage to learn a lot. So here is everything I learned this past holiday weekend.

*I’m a New Englander so when I say The Cape and the Vineyard I’m talking about Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

  • The Vineyard gives nothing but good vibes
  • It’s also incredibly dog friendly
  • A donut is SO much better when it’s fresh and hot
  • Reckless patriotism is incredibly entertaining
  • Mimosas are just as good in the afternoon as they are in the morning
  • All parades should have unicylists
  • Pesto is easily my favorite food
  • GPSes don’t always bring you to the right place
  • Shaw’s kind of sucks, so you might as well just go to Stop and Shop.
  • There are times when Whole Foods will disappoint you
  • But their selection of cheeses is out of this world
  • Cheap bubbles are no fun
  • It’s really hard to take pictures of bubbles
  • Babies can get hangry too
  • Huskies grow incredibly quickly
  • I so desperately need a dog
  • You can meet very nice people on a 45 min ferry ride
  • The world is a very small place
  • An unexpected run in can be the highlight of your whole weekend
  • The playground is a nice backup when it’s too cold for the beach
  • 10 min of traffic can ruin your entire day
  • But a good workout can turn it all around
  • Good people + great food = an amazing weekend

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