Can I Finally Call Myself A 20-Something Year Old Now?

So my birthday was a week ago and I turned 20, and I was just wondering….can I call myself a 20-something year old now? I mean, if I’m being honest I used to call myself that when I was only 19. But now I guess I can say it without the guilt.

Overall though my birthday was great, it was very chill for the most part, I didn’t do anything major or crazy. But I did end up having to do some homework for the summer class I was taking which sucked but whatever.

Anyway I just want to post and say this summer has been crazy busy and I am sorry for my lack of posts. But I will have you know that right now I am working on a few pieces that I think you guys will really like. So hopefully all of those will be up very soon!

As for the first half of my summer, I had a really productive summer, I worked a ton, I wrote a lot (even though I wasn’t necessarily posting). But I really did have a lot of fun, even if I never made it to the beach.

Anyway I want to hear from you guys so
Comment Question of the Day: How was your summer? What was your favorite part? And did you make it to the beach at all?


Reading is Magic

I believe in magic, I think it’s completely real..scratch that I don’t think…I know. I know magic is real. Magic is held between 2 covers and spread on dozens of pages in between. It can be found in each and every book in each and every store around the World. I am a reader and I have first hand experience of the magic of books.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one” -George R.R. Martin. I have lived thousands of lives, and been on thousands of adventures. I hunted for Horcruxes with Harry, Hermione and Ron. I fell in love with Augustas Waters and then mourned with Hazel Grace.  I joined the Benzini Brothers Circus with Jacob Jankowski. I was with Mia Thermopolis when she found out she was the Princess of Genovia. And for one moment, Charlie, Patrick, Sam and I were infinite. I have fought wars and casted spells. I have traveled backward and forward in time. I have visited different worlds, I have seen truly amazing things.

Books can transport us to new worlds. They let us live so many lives. You can be a man or woman, gay or straight, a wizard or a Demi-God, you can be young and irresponsible or old and sensible. You can be in the past, present, or future. You can be in our world or a different one. The point is you choose what new life you want to live, what new adventure you want to go on. The choice is entirely up to you. You can choose to live a thousand lives, or you can only live 1.

I have seen magic, I have lived a thousand lives, I am a reader.