Can I Finally Call Myself A 20-Something Year Old Now?

So my birthday was a week ago and I turned 20, and I was just wondering….can I call myself a 20-something year old now? I mean, if I’m being honest I used to call myself that when I was only 19. But now I guess I can say it without the guilt.

Overall though my birthday was great, it was very chill for the most part, I didn’t do anything major or crazy. But I did end up having to do some homework for the summer class I was taking which sucked but whatever.

Anyway I just want to post and say this summer has been crazy busy and I am sorry for my lack of posts. But I will have you know that right now I am working on a few pieces that I think you guys will really like. So hopefully all of those will be up very soon!

As for the first half of my summer, I had a really productive summer, I worked a ton, I wrote a lot (even though I wasn’t necessarily posting). But I really did have a lot of fun, even if I never made it to the beach.

Anyway I want to hear from you guys so
Comment Question of the Day: How was your summer? What was your favorite part? And did you make it to the beach at all?


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