It’s Not About How You Look It’s About How You Feel

A few weeks ago I told all of you about my new fitness journey. Like I said before I’m not just going on a diet, I’m not just trying to lose ten pounds, I am trying to change my life. That being said I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that sometimes it takes a while to get the results you want. There are days when I wake up and think that I haven’t change at all, but that’s not true. When this happens to you I want you to stop and remember it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel. So here are a few changes I’ve noticed so far.

My clothes fit me better.
I have better balance and more energy.
I don’t get tired so easily.
I can make it up a flight of stairs without getting winded.
I can feel myself getting stronger.
I actually enjoy going to the gym….well, most days I do.

Overall I just love how I feel, even if the number on the scale isn’t what I want it to be, even if I don’t have a 6 pack I can still feel myself changing and that’s what really counts. I still have a long way to go, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stop to appreciate the progress that I’ve already made.

So my lovely Royals, why don’t you take this time now to appreciate all the changes that have happened so far, even if you have not yet reached your end goal.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not About How You Look It’s About How You Feel

  1. This is so great! Too many people embark on “fitness journeys” with their initial and primary drive being to lose weight. It’s so important to be focused on improving your body from the inside too! Losing pounds is not the indicator of health. I’m so glad that you’ve chosen to put your health and wellbeing first 🙂 keep it up!!!

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    • Thanks so much! Yeah I know way to many people that are just focused on losing weight and they go about it in the worst ways. People need to focus more on changing their life style, not just trying the latest fad diet.

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