A Few Things I Learned In Atlanta

Last weekend I went to the PRSSA National Conference in Atlanta. I had the most amazing time, I met the most amazing people, and I learned a lot, I was only there for 2 days but it was 2 days that I will never forget. Here are a few things I learned, hopefully some of these tips will help you too.
• Find an old iPod you can use to listen to music on the plane.
• Atlanta is run by Coca-Cola.
• Happiness is contagious.
• Be simple. Be clear. Be awesome.
• Be ballsy, be crazy, and stand out.
• Learn to question the impossible.
1 glass of wine = 1 hour of exercise.
• Build a can-do reputation.
• Test all your technology before an event starts, to make sure everything works.
• Learn to be flexible. It’s not a matter of if things go wrong it’s a matter of when.
• Learn to loosen your grip.
• No job is too small; so treat every assignment your given like it matters, because it does.
• Don’t ever settle. Hold out for both marshmallows, it’ll be worth it.
• Learn to shine your own shoes, and iron your own shirt. You shouldn’t have to depend on others for everything.
• If you have a good idea, find an online platform and promote it.
• Dating advice and interview advice are one in the same.
• Everything is communication, it’s not just what you say and what you do. It’s also what you don’t say and what you don’t do.
• Learn to really listen when others are speaking.
• Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
• Do what you say you are going to do.
• You have a responsibility to take care of you. So make sure you are eating right and getting enough sleep, because everything else can wait.
• Don’t apologize unless you really mean it.
• You can have more than one mentor, so don’t be afraid to reach out to multiple people.
• Mentors should guide you, advise you, give you courage, and give you perspective.
• Don’t wait for a mentor to come to you, go out and find one yourself.
• Even when you are 94 yrs old you will still be learning new things.
• People like when you take initiative, but you have to do it in the right way.
• Learn to scuff your shoes and skin your knees. Get out there in the real world and don’t be afraid to do work, and more importantly, don’t be afraid to fail.
• The world moves fast so learn to keep up.


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