23 Career Tips For Ever Girl With A Dream


Over the past 6 months I have attended 6 conferences. I have listened to Ted Talk style presentations sat through traditional lectures. I have participated in interactive workshops and watched professional panels. I have collected about 100 business cards and a notebook full of advice. Now I have taken everything I’ve learned from these events and picked the top pieces of advice that every girl needs to know. Whether you’re looking for an internship or your first real world job, here are a few things you should keep in mind. 

1. Do your research. Have questions prepared before you go to an interview.
2. Interning is like dating for your career. Do it as much as you can if you want to find out what you really want in out of your profession.
3. Arrive with a goal. Bring it with you whenever you meet someone or go somewhere.
4. Seek out mentors. Choose ones that represent the very best of what you hope to become.
5. Find someone whose judgment you trust. Learn from them. Ask questions. Take advantage of those connections.
6. Manage your professional image like a celebrity would. You are your relationships and your reputation.
7. When you are starting out, no job is too small. Every job is another opportunity to grow and build your skills.
8. If you’re asked to do something, say yes. And if you don’t actually know how to do it, research it and ask for help. Don’t give up too easily.
9. A setback is a setup for a comeback. Learn from your mistakes, and pick yourself up from the ashes better than you were before.
10. Stand out. Be memorable.
11. Don’t worry about failure. Worry about what happens when you don’t try.
12. Be considerate. Makes it a point to say hello and goodbye to everyone you work with every day.
13. Make yourself essential. Make yourself an irreplaceable asset and keep getting better.
14. Be confident, but realistic. Don’t be delusional, and ensure that you maintain a certain amount of humility.
15. Be accountable. If you make a mistake, own up to it.
16. Websites are like an online business card. Build your resume in a plethora of formats.
17. Don’t be afraid to move on. Do what is best for your career, even if it means cutting ties.
18. You don’t have to be the best, but you should always try and be the best. Diligence and hard work are everything in the working world.
19. Remove the word “should” from your vocabulary. Be assertive and clear.
20. Push yourself. Improve while also understanding your own limitations.
21. Don’t neglect your responsibility to take care of yourself. You cannot do your job if you are not at your best both physically and mentally.
22. Don’t look at your peers as competition. Work with each other to grow and collaborate.
23. Stop comparing yourself to other people because No one’s journey is your own.

You may not have your dream job quite yet, but this advice is sure to help you get there.  If you have any more career advice be sure to leave it in the comments below.

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A Few More Things Every Royal Should Know


Some of these things I was taught, others I had to learn the hard way. But now I’m going to share all of my knowledge with you. So here are a few things every Royal should know.

  • Learn how to sew. Nothing complicated just enough so you can fix a rip in your sweatpants or re attach a button.
  • Sunscreen can stain your clothes
  • If your friends don’t like who your dating, then you probably shouldn’t be dating them.
  • Not everyone is going to like you, so don’t waste too much time trying to get them too.
  • The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning right after you pee.
  • Dance around in your underwear evvery once in a while.
  • Make a playlist for every mood.
  • Learn how to say “no” without explaining yourself
  • Just because you can doesn’t mean you should
  • Expect the seat in front of you to recline, and prepare accordingly.
  • Don’t fill up on appitizers no matter how good.
  • Never try a new hair do the day of a special event
  • Always invest in good shoes, tires, and sheets
  • Give credit where it’s due
  • Admit when your wrong, and take blame when it’s your fault
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand</li
  • It’s not a promise unless you say it out loud
  • There are moments when you will realize who your true friends are. When this happens don’t be sad, be glad that you now know who to cut out of your life.
  • Never Accept less than you deserve

A Few Things I Learned This Past Holiday Weekend


I spent this 4th of July weekend down the Cape* with some friends and family. It was a really great trip, and although it was only a couple days I still manage to learn a lot. So here is everything I learned this past holiday weekend.

*I’m a New Englander so when I say The Cape and the Vineyard I’m talking about Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

  • The Vineyard gives nothing but good vibes
  • It’s also incredibly dog friendly
  • A donut is SO much better when it’s fresh and hot
  • Reckless patriotism is incredibly entertaining
  • Mimosas are just as good in the afternoon as they are in the morning
  • All parades should have unicylists
  • Pesto is easily my favorite food
  • GPSes don’t always bring you to the right place
  • Shaw’s kind of sucks, so you might as well just go to Stop and Shop.
  • There are times when Whole Foods will disappoint you
  • But their selection of cheeses is out of this world
  • Cheap bubbles are no fun
  • It’s really hard to take pictures of bubbles
  • Babies can get hangry too
  • Huskies grow incredibly quickly
  • I so desperately need a dog
  • You can meet very nice people on a 45 min ferry ride
  • The world is a very small place
  • An unexpected run in can be the highlight of your whole weekend
  • The playground is a nice backup when it’s too cold for the beach
  • 10 min of traffic can ruin your entire day
  • But a good workout can turn it all around
  • Good people + great food = an amazing weekend

A Few Things I Learned From Bookcon

This past weekend was the second annual Bookcon! It was absolutely amazing, I met some of my favorite authors, made some new friends, got a few new books, and I also learned a lot. I got to hear from some amazingly talented authors, and all of them had a lot of wisdom and insight to share with all of us, about writing, careers, friends, life, just everything. So here are all the things I learned this past weekend at Bookcon:

1. Try not to start or end your day on your phone. There is so much more to the world than just your twitter and Instagram, and I think a lot of people have forgotten that. So consider changing your routine, maybe instead of reaching straight for your trusty metal companion take a few minutes, appreciate the world around you. Say hi to your family, look at the trees do something that does not involve the internet.

2. Friend break up’s are a thing, and they hurt. When most people think break up they think about a significant other, but friend break ups are a thing and they can hurt even more. The truth is ending a friendship hurts, most of the time it hurts more than a regular breakup. Your best friends they get to know everything about you, they become apart of you and loosing them is like loosing a piece of yourself. But when this happens know you are not alone, there is nothing wrong with you. Other people have been where you are, and they got through it and so will you.

4. Define yourself before others have the chance to. People are always going to judge you no matter what. So forget about other peoples opinions, because the truth is no matter what you do you can’t please everyone. So you might as well piss them off being your true self rather than pissing them off being a fake version of you. So now go figure out who you are and just be that person.

5.Do what you need to stay calm. Everyone has that thing that helps them calm down when they are nervous or anxious. Whenever you get anxious or nervous do whatever you need to do to help you calm down. Whether it’s doing jumping jacks, twerking or singing some Taylor Swift. Don’t worry about if it’s going to bother someone else, or what other people may think. Worry about you and do whatever you need to calm you down.

6. Take the time to take care of yourself. I think this one is pretty self explanatory, but a lot of people still don’t do it. Just remember to take some time for yourself. Give yourself a facial, take a nice bubble bath, go shopping, binge watch a show, just treat yourself every once in a while.

7. Step away from your work. You don’t need to work all the time, especially if your an artist. As an artist your work should reflect people and life. If you work to much it will start to reflect other work instead of reflecting yourself. So step away from your work give yourself a break, then come back fresh faced and ready with tons of new ideas.

8. Just keep submitting your work. If you want to write, or paint or become a photographer or whatever, just keep submitting your work to people and eventually you will hear something back.

9. It’s not about the shares. Don’t write something because you think other people will love it and want to share it, write something because YOU want to write it. Write about what you know, about what you love and are passionate about, because writing is not about what other people think, it’s about expressing yourself.

10. Whenever your feeling bad about the way you look, go do something else. Go write in your journal or practice your music, just focus on something that has nothing to do with your looks. Remind yourself how awesome and talented you are, then remember that looks aren’t important, it’s all the other stuff that really matters.

Check out Penguin Random House youtube channel to see all that you missed at bookcon. And make sure to watch the Sophia Ross, Tavi Gevinson panel which is where most of this advice came from.

Quote of the Week

Hello my lovely Royals! Sorry I’ve been kind of AWOL lately. The second half of this semester just got so crazy and I have not had time to post. But now I’m back and better than ever!! So here it is this weeks Quote of The Week, enjoy! 🙂

I’ve been working really hard to do this lately. I have also been trying to stop apologizing for things that are not my fault. Our generation, we are the generation that apologizes too much and can’t say no. We feel like we owe everyone something. We can’t just say no, because we feel as if we always need to explain ourselves. But this is me right now telling you: you don’t owe anyone anything, and you don’t have to explain yourself. The truth is 9 times out of 10 just saying no is enough of an answer. So try and break this habit of saying no with an explanation, and learn how to just say no.

Quote of the Week

Change can be scary, but sometimes it’s necessary. IF you are unhappy wherever you are it may be time for a change. If you wake up every morning dreading going into work, maybe it’s time to find a new job. If you feel like you need a change of scenery, then maybe it’s time to move. You are not stuck and don’t let anyone convince you that you are. You have the power, you have the will, so make the change. A little change can do you some real good. You are not a tree, so if you want, just pick up and move.