What they Don’t Teach You In School

Lately I’ve been studying a lot, but not all of it has been for my classes. The truth is a lot of stuff that you really should know in life they don’t teach to you in school. The education system is a very strange thing. You spend 6 years learning the basics, then 7 years in secondary education, then you get to higher education, and if you want to be really, really smart you even go to grad school. But at the end of it all you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and all you have to show for it is a piece of paper. And on top of all that, you don’t even remember anything that you pulled all-nighters to study for.

The truth is, school doesn’t really prepare you for the real world. I don’t know how taxes work, or how to change a tire. Cooking is still a bit of a mystery, and I have no idea how a mortgage or a credit score works. You know what I do know? The Pythagorean fricken Theorem, yeah cause that’s going to be so helpful when buying a house. So you know what I did, I started teaching myself. I’ve been learning all the things I’ll need to know when I finally have to go out into the world as a self-sufficient adult. Credit scores, cooking, human body, we need to know all this stuff. And since our education system is sorely lacking, we will just have to teach ourselves.

You know what they really should add to the curriculum? Credit scores, because believe it or not, those are REALLY important. Basically your credit score is made up of all your big spending. Loans, bill payments, credit cards, all those effect your credit score. And you’re probably thinking, “What does a credit score do?” well a credit score is what a bank looks at to see if you are responsible enough for them to give you money. So basically if you ever want a brand new car, or a house, you need a good credit score. Now if you want a good credit card basically all you have to do is pay your bills on time, that includes those pesky student loans.

Now that we know about money we need to learn about food, this can be done in 3 simple steps. Step one: pick up a cookbook or find a cooking blog. Step 2: pick a recipe. Step 3: try that recipe. That’s really all you can do is just try, and cook. But start simple you know try a nice chicken breast, and then work your way up from there.The truth is cooking is all about practice, the more you do it the better you’ll be.

P.S: Some people really just can’t cook. So if you are one of those people, I advise you find someone who can, or get a second job to pay for all the takeout you’ll be buying and the gym membership you’ll need.

Human Body
You wouldn’t believe how many things they do not teach you in health class. I recommend checking out Laci Greens youtube channel, she teaches you everything you need to know about the girl downstairs. Now I know some people feel embarrassed about discussing body parts with others, but even if you are embarrassed you should still learn about it because ladies, it’s literally a part of you. You get to spend your whole life with the lady downstairs so you should learn, what she likes, and how to keep her happy, because a happy vagina = happy you.

This is just some stuff to help you get started, the rest you’ll have to figure out on your own. So go consult google about the body. Find a cooking blog, I recommend Annie’s Eats, or stop at Barnes and Noble and buy a cookbook. Ask your parents to teach you about finances. You have so many great resources, use them. Then you can share your plethora of real world knowledge, with everyone you know.

Comment Question: What do you think they should of taught you at school?

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The Thing I Hate Most About College


There are so many things I love about college, the freedom, making my own schedule, longer breaks. There are also some things I hate about college, the price, the stress, the price. But the thing I hate most? Not knowing my grades until the semester is already over. I mean I don’t even get to know I’m not doing well until it’s too late.

Your friends and family ask you how your doing in school when your home and the honest answer is that you have no idea. Of course you tell them this and they look at you like your crazy. But here’s what they don’t get, a lot of Professors just never hand your assignments back. And even if they do what makes you think I can sit down and calculate exactly what my grade is? Just for the record, I can’t, there is a reason I am a PR major, besides it’s not like I know their grading policy.

And here’s the reason this bothers me so much, I was spoiled in high school. At my high school students and parents had access to the teachers online grade book. So for 4 whole years I had complete access to my grades 24/7, I knew exactly how I was doing in each of my classes. Now it’s like a 4 month long guessing game. I can’t even enjoy the beginning of break because I am too busy holding my breath waiting for my grades to come in.

Now it’s midterms and I’m stressing out because I have no idea if I’m doing well. Soon I’ll be home for spring break worrying whether or not I passed all of my exams, even though my professors will probably never hand them back to me. So I guess I’ll just be holding my breath till May.

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