6 Things Single Girls Want For Valentines Day


It’s that time of year again, the temperature is dropping, the snow is falling and store displays look like Cupid threw up. Valentine’s day is a wonderful time of year where people in relationships are encouraged to express and showcase their love. While the single people are constantly reminded that they are in fact single. This time of year can get rough if you don’t have an adorable SO to cuddle up with, but I think all of us single ladies can agree, just because we are alone does not mean that we are lonely. The fact of the matter is not all girls even WANT a boyfriend. In fact, there are actually a lot of things we girls want more. What are these things we could possibly want more than our Prince Charming you ask? Well here you go, a glance into the single girl’s mind. Here is a countdown of the top 6 things girls want more than a boyfriend.

6. Self Love
Every person at some point in their life has had trouble loving themselves. There is so much focus on attaining love from someone else that we forget how many of us are striving to love ourselves first. We wish more than anything to have more confidence, to believe in ourselves and to love ourselves. The truth is many single girls would rather work towards building their own self-confidence than wait for a knight in shining armor to do it for them.

5. Netflix
Well come on, this is pretty self-explanatory; I mean there is always something to watch, no matter what mood you’re in. You want a romantic comedy? Maybe a reality show? An action movie? An informative documentary? It’s got all that and more. Netflix is like every girl’s boyfriend. He’s always there when you need him. He doesn’t care if you’re wearing sweats and no make-up, and he actually prefers to stay in with you and cuddle on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn.

4. Money
Being a girl is incredibly expensive, clothes, shoes, bras, razors, waxing, nails, make-up, tampons; it adds up. So do you know what I want even more than for a boy to express his undying love for me? A million dollars. Actually, make it 5. The new spring clothing lines will be coming out soon…

3. A Kick Ass Career
We all have career goals, and many of us are in school because an education will help us reach our goals. But personally I would like some assurance that I am not working my butt off for nothing. All the time that can be wasted on boys could instead be used to plan for the future. Use your extra time to hunt for internships or to search for jobs in your field. The truth is, no matter how cute he may be, a boyfriend can never make all of your professional dreams come true. Only you can do that.

2. Travel
Rome, London, Australia, Iceland; these are just some of the places I will be traveling to someday. There is not a girl on the planet who doesn’t want to travel. You want to travel now while you’re young, before you settle down and start having kids. Besides, if you don’t have a boyfriend when you go abroad you can have a fling with a foreign boy who likes to whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

Just food. All the food. Chinese food, pizza, mac & cheese, Chipotle, Panera. Basically anything with a high sugar and fat content will suffice. I can tell you right now, food is a constant thought on every girl’s mind. It is every girl’s greatest companion. Chocolate is always there. Cake will never judge. Most girls would agree, ultimately they love food more than they love boys. Because the truth is no boy can satisfy you the way Panera Mac & Cheese can.

Happy Valentine’s Day girls.


The Real Heartbreak Of Losing a Best Friend


When you and your SO break up you know exactly what to do. You change into sweats, put on some Adele, break out the chocolate or ice cream (or both) and have yourself a good cry. After you have accepted what’s happened you call up your besties who immediately come to your aid. They come over with piles of junk food and pizza, and start a violent rant session where phrases like “____ is such a jerk” and “you are better off” are said repeatedly.

You know exactly what to do after a breakup. There’s an entire manual on how to navigate this new single lifestyle you’ve entered. There are a million, movies, books and songs explaining exactly what you are going through. But then there is another type of heartbreak, one that people don’t talk about. It seems with all the talk about love and heartbreak we neglect to talk about what happens when you lose a friend. Friend breakups are completely different and a lot harder to manage. It’s not like you go see them and give some speech about how it’s been fun but you just don’t think it’s going to work anymore. When it comes to friendships there’s not always a solid conclusion, sometimes you don’t even realize it’s ended until after it’s over.

I remember exactly what happened when my best friend and I broke up. It was the first real heartbreak I had ever experienced and I remember every second of it like it was yesterday. I can still feel all of it; the anger, the hurt and the feeling of abandonment. I sat on the floor crying after the biggest fight my best friend and I had ever had. I was so mad. I figured we both needed a couple days to cool off, then we’d talk it out. But days turned to weeks which turned into months, and after so much time of radio silence I knew it was over.

I however was lucky, yes I had lost my best friend but I had recently made a couple new friends. This new group of ladies helped me through the whole ordeal and soon became my best friends. But not everyone is that lucky, most girls have to navigate through the rubble of a broken friendship alone. The truth of the matter is ending a friendship is ten times harder than ending a relationship. Your friends, your true friends have seen you at your lowest and most vulnerable points, but they’ve also been there for all the greatest highlights. Sometimes it seems as if your lives are completely intertwined. They have sat with you and pigged out during sleepovers. They’ve assisted you through every fashion crisis and helped you overcome your body image issues. They have been there through all of the best and worst parts of your life. They have constantly been there to cheer you on all the time reminding you how amazing and truly loved you are. Then suddenly they are gone leaving an empty spot in your heart. I know I have never felt more vulnerable and alone as I did those first couple days.

Ending a relationship may break your heart, but losing a friend can shatter your soul. When you lose a friend, there are no songs, movies or books to guide you. You look around and realize the shoulder you usually go to cry on is no longer there. Your entire world feels like it’s crashing down around you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get through it. I know how it feels, I have been there, and I survived. I made it through to the other side.The reason I was able to move on is because I realized some things just aren’t meant to be. Not all people are meant to stay in your life forever as much as you may want them too. I accepted the fact that our friendship had run it’s course and even though it hurt I was able to move on. Although we aren’t friends anymore I will always remember the good times we had together, and all the lessons she taught me. I grieved what I had and then I made new friends and so will you. It may take some time but you will get there, I promise.

Originally Published on Her Track

Leave Your ‘Denialship’ and Make It Official


When two people are in a denialship, they talk on the phone every day, text each other constantly, they go out but “it’s not a date.” They hook up regularly, and even though they have the option they never hookup with other people. They obviously care about each other but they won’t admit it. If this describes the situation you are in I want you to CUT. THE. CRAP.

You are basically in a relationship without the title. Let me guess when people bring this fact up to you, you probably respond with something like, “I just don’t want a relationship”, right? Honestly all of you are just making up excuses and selling yourself short. If you really like this person and they really like you then why shouldn’t you be together? Some people spend all of their time looking for relationships. But in truth you don’t find relationships, they find you whether or not it YOU think it’s a convenient time. So you can call it fate, coincidence, but if you found someone you have chemistry with you shouldn’t ignore it.

So I want you to get up, go out and go find whoever this person is and make your relationship official. I know a lot of people think that college is just for random hook ups and drunken adventures. But you know what you can still have drunken adventures together, and random hookups aren’t always as fun as they sound. So start thinking of the pros instead of the cons. Now you’ll always have someone to go out with, and you won’t have to worry about finding a date to another event.

So go out on real dates. Hold hands on campus as you walk to class. Snuggle with them at the movies. Go ahead and make it Facebook official, or maybe tweet about it. Take pictures and post them with those cheesy couple hashtags, we won’t judge you (ok maybe a little). Just stop being in a denialship and start being in a relationship. Don’t let this whole, one night stand random hook up college mentality stop you, because despite popular belief entering a relationship isn’t the ending, it’s only the beginning.