Rape Culture: It’s Time For a Change


Over the past couple years there has been a lot of media attention on sexual assaults on college Campuses. Stories from schools across the nation have made headlines. Documentaries like “the Hunting Ground” have shocked audiences across the country and schools are taking steps to change. Yet this problem is so much bigger than people realize because the media only tells part of the story. It isn’t just Columbia and Stanford. It’s not just young women on college campuses, sexual assault and violence against women happens everywhere, all the time, to girls and women of all ages.

Statistics say 1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. This fact hangs over the heads of women everywhere. It’s the little voice in our heads that makes us travel in packs. It reminds us to never walk alone. It’s the instinct to change directions when we notice a man walking behind us. It’s something all women have to live with.

Every day we walk down city streets with our heads down as men hollar, whistle and stare. In school we have to make sure we wear clothes that aren’t distracting to boys. No shorts too short, no stomach or bra straps showing. When we go out we make sure to turn guys down as politely as possible. We make up excuse and tell lies, we say we have a boyfriend because saying no is never enough.We teach young girls how to dress, how to act and what to say. We teach them all these things in hopes that they do not become that 1. The pressure is put on women to protect themselves from rape. But, maybe instead of teaching girls to not get raped, we could instead teach boys how not to rape.

We have the power to raise this next generation differently. Instead of telling girls to cover up, we should teach boys not to stare. We need to teach boys not to catcall, instead of teaching our girls how to avoid them. We need boys to learn that a girl can wear whatever she wants whenever she wants. We need to teach boys that no means no and there is no excuse for violating another person.We need to demand more from boys. We need to teach the next generation of boys to respect girls so they grown into men who respect women.

I am not having kids anytime soon. But one day down the line if I do I will make sure to raise them differently. Things do not have to stay the way they are, our generation has the power to change things. We can make sure the next generation of boys learn to respect girls. We can make sure the ones who don’t are held accountable for their actions. We can make sure the system is set up to protect the victim, not the culprit. If we can do all that then future generations of girls won’t have to live in fear.

Originally published on Her Track


A Few Things Every Princess Should Know About Underwear


Underwear is a very big part of our lives. There are lots of rules when it comes to underwear especially for girls, so here are some rules about underwear that every girl should know. Some of these I was taught, others I had to learn the hard way, but now I am choosing to share all of my knowledge with you.

1. You can never own too much underwear. Seriously don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ok, there is no such thing as having too much underwear. I mean really there are so many different kinds, you should really own one of each kind. Also how can you not take advantage of those 7 for $25 deals at Victoria’s Secret? Besides the more underwear you have, the less often you have to do laundry.

2. Thongs are an interesting thing you either love them or hate them. Now I know what some of you are thinking, “why would I want to walk around with a wedgie all day?” Go out buy one, try it once. If you hate it, then toss it and never wear them again. If you actually don’t mind it then maybe go out and buy a couple more, like I said, you can never own too much underwear. But NEVER wear thongs to the gym because that can cause a yeast infection.

3. Try to stick with cotton underwear because synthetic fibers can cause an infection. You want stick with cotton and other natural fibers. Types of underwear to avoid include: nylon, and lycra.

4. Don’t be afraid to go commando, it can actually be good for you.

Now let’s talk about bras….

5. If your boobs are hanging out from any part of your bra, it doesn’t fit. So go buy a new one.

6.Get measured at least once a year. Seriously trust me, on this, there’s nothing worse than realizing none of your bra’s fit.

7. Buy 1 bra every time you have money. If you buy them all at once, they will all wear out at the same time. If you buy them all at different times you can avoid this.

8. When you buy a bra it should be tight on the loosest hook. That way as the band loosens you can tighten it.

9. Make sure you always own, 1 black, 1 nude, and 1 strapless.

10. Make sure you always use a bra bag when washing your bra’s.

11. Always, always, ALWAYS hang dry your bra’s.

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Quote Of The Week

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! You know it’s sad I didn’t even know there was a international women’s day until I checked out my Google doodle at around midnight last night. I think this holiday definitely needs some more recognition, but then again we women in general need a lot more recognition don’t you think?

Anyway I chose this quote for today before I even knew about the holiday, it’s incredibly serendipitous as it fits perfectly with the holiday. I originally choose this quote because I’ve been talking with a lot of people about the new Cinderella movie, which I am dying to see. I just think it’s really interesting that everyone always assumes Cinderella was looking for a prince to rescue her, but maybe she wasn’t. Maybe she was just looking to have some fun and she just happened to find a prince. I guess it’s just a reminder that not every woman is desperately searching for a man, plenty of us ladies are just fine on our own thank you very much.

So all you ladies make sure to go out and enjoy your day. And gentlemen why don’t you try treating at least one of the ladies in your life today, after all this is her day.